Nobody Understands My Pain

nobodybook Nobody Understands My Pain offers hope and healing for those who have been abused-mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or sexually. It takes an honest look at: types of abuse, stages of abuse, and coping mechanisms commonly used by victims.

In her book, Linda Harriss, Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Nurse, offers guidelines for healing in a comprehensive approach that includes family and friends. She shows how victims can recover from the pain and trauma of abuse, and learn to live a healthy lifestyle, while maintaining positive relationships others and with God. Readers will be inspired by true stories of survival and courage as they embark on their own personal journey of healing.


“I was filled with despair and fear. With the insight of Nobody Understands My Pain, I came to realize that through Christ anything is possible including complete healing and indescribable peace for tomorrow.” — Mother of sexually abused children

Trying to put this book down was like putting my feelings away. I didn’t want to, nor will anyone else who picks up this exciting book. The words, “Nobody understands my pain” are universal…as universal as this book should become, for it truly is a ray of light for an abused person. The more you read the more hope is given. You can’t lose.

The question “Where is God?” is often asked by a person who has been hurt. The answer is, “He is right here in this book, between the lines and on every page.” This is categorized as a self-help book, but as you read, it becomes clear. This is a God’s help book.

Nobody Understands My Pain gives all who have been abused a voice (and an ear to listen as well). This is the first book that indeed helps one not feel guilty for the past.

I saw myself in this book. The true me that I want to be. — Dana Sanger

I am a victim of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and am seeking to be more than just a survivor! I have been to lots of counseling in the last few years and that has helped me a great deal. But Nobody Understands My Pain is the best and most concise help I have ever seen.

The last chapter is the best chapter of any book on any subject I have ever read. The healing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is beautifully written in this chapter.

I still can’t get this book out of my mind. It could have an incredible impact on those who have been so wronged in this world. — Jan Gruter, Administrative Assistant to Stephen Bly and Janet Bly, authors of over 100 fiction and non-fiction published books

Nobody Understands My Pain spoke directly to me. Through the case studies presented throughout the book, I understood more of who I am through past “toxic” experiences, and more especially who I am in Christ. Linda Harriss points out that most of her counseling sessions begin with patients who are unable to associate their current problems with the emotionally toxic experiences of their past. I found this to be true in my case because my first visit to a Christian counselor began with a deep-seated argument with my husband. I knew, though, in the recesses of my mind, that it had nothing to with him. I was shocked to learn my problems were related to my childhood.

After living through, and surviving, my own experiences with domestic violence, I recognized the three “identifiable phases” of violent behavior Ms. Harriss mentions. I think many victims of domestic violence will see themselves and/or their spouses in each of the phases. In the process, they will learn why they behave the way they do and how to begin healing.

Nobody Understands My Pain will help readers understand that, though counselors serve a distinct purpose, no one can understand their pain like Jesus. That was bought home to me when Ms. Harriss led Alexandra, a former abused child and later an abuser herself, in the Sinner’s Prayer. I cried when I read that within eighteen months, Alexander committed herself to the Lord and, with intense therapy, God brought about tremendous healing in her life and in her broken relationships.

Nobody Understands My Pain is a must for those who seek a better understanding of “toxic” experiences and how to overcome them through trust in the Lord. I found it fulfilling to realize, once again, that there is indeed Someone who understands my pain-Jesus!! — Grateful Reader

I found this book to be very easy to read and hard to put down! I found myself in most of the pages, and I thought of at least 5 other people who could benefit from reading it. This would be a great book to help loved ones and non-abused people understand those who have been abused.

I found it refreshing to read something concerning abuse that openly talks about God’s role in our healing. I myself searched for an escape from my feelings and emotions in so many ways: alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. I was angry at God, and I felt that God didn’t love me; He loved others, yes, but not me. Even after quitting drinking and drugs and revealing my past to more than one therapist, I couldn’t find any type of peace. When I came back to God, when I turned my will and life over to Him; when I started to live my life the way He desires (or at least honestly try), that is when my life started changing.

Nobody Understands My Pain is a good book for people who are dealing with abused people, or for parents who know their children are behaving differently but don’t understand why. Even though I have gone through therapy, I found some things in this book that shed light on some of the behaviors I have today.

I can’t thank you enough for letting me read this. It really made me stop and think. — Carrie

My initial response, on finishing this manuscript, was to pick up the phone and tell the author everything I experienced! I could write a book on how much this book is NEEDED today!

This book is a counseling session! It healed me from the inside out. I feel as though I’ve been washed clean and empowered to start over. Everyone should read this book to heal their own toxic pain and then help others.

Toward the end I began to read it aloud, so holy were the contents as the author led readers through healing and then to Christ so He could take over.

I personally know at least ten individuals, who need this book, including:

  • a friend of 32 years who is just now trying to get out of an insidiously abusive relationship
  • a friend I’ve known for 26 years has joined my Bible study. Her background is horrendous. Her grandfather and uncles sexually abused her and her sisters and brothers everyday of her young life!
  • A good friend’s two sons who are in prison due to drugs and incredibly deep pain from an abusive family member. I came from a good, loving home, with parents who love each other and a godly father who taught me unconditional love. But for some reason, God has allowed me to know several abused and terribly hurting people. The sooner this book is in print the better! When I get my own published copy, it will be on my shelf to be read again and again as I seek to help those whom God sends me!

    Nobody Understands My Pain has my complete endorsement and my prayers. I am so glad this book was written. Reading it has changed my life, and will certainly change the lives of all those whom I will meet.

    This book should sell, sell, sell! So many hurting people with so much need of help! — Patricia

Nobody Understands My Pain deals openly with the painful topic of abuse and the emotional damage victims of abuse suffer. In a thoughtful, organized way, Ms. Harriss lays out not only the definitions of different types of abuse, but also the steps a victim can take to overcome the damage suffered as a result. She aptly points out that victims often feel they are to blame for their own abuse, when in fact; the perpetrator is always the responsible person.

This book would have helped me, as an abuse survivor, work through the steps of emotional healing much more quickly than I was able to on my own. The author correctly points out that developing a relationship with God is the first and most important step in the healing process. Reading Nobody Understands My Pain is an excellent first step on the journey that all survivors of abuse need to take to begin the emotional healing process. — Diana