Change Your Thinking …

Change Your Life!

My Approach


While everyone’s needs are different, I am committed to discovering each person’s individual needs and the therapeutic approaches that will most benefit the individual. During therapy you will be guided and encouraged to express your needs, beliefs, feelings, and emotions. I will value and respect you as an individual, supporting you to be empowered to establish your own personal identity and goals for counseling. I welcome input from you and others whom you might choose to be a part of the counseling process.



Research has documented that the human brain can actually rewire itself, changing old behaviors, habits, and beliefs, to new behaviors habits and beliefs. The ability to change the brain is called neuroplasticity. Until recently it was thought that the human brain was molded in our childhood and became hard-wired and incapable of changing once we became an adult.

Neurons which are the nerve cells and nerve fibers in your brain are electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that function to process and transmits information. Throughout your life you lay down neuron pathways that connect things that you see, hear and do with certain feelings and emotions. In less than a millisecond your brain travels down these neural pathways connecting with established feelings, emotions, and behaviors. With the fairly recent discovery that the brain is malleable or can change, we now know that these connections are no longer permanent. We can change them. With the consistent application of new thoughts and thinking, you can lay down new pathways which can override your painful past and establish new ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving.

In the counseling process clients learn to rewire their brains and create new neural pathways through very simple techniques.


Eyes Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. The goal of EMDR is to eliminate or greatly reduce the long-lasting effects of painful and troubling effects of trauma by engaging the brain’s natural ability to reprocess and rewire, thereby relieving disturbing symptoms.


Emotions schemes are the core of EFT. These emotions schemes are models that create the patterns in which our emotions can be experienced physically, which are capable of causing physiological changes, influence our thinking, and guide our behaviors and actions. EFT works by equipping individuals to both accept their healthy emotions schemes and changes those which are toxic, challenging, and unhealthy. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps clients understand the thought and feelings that influence their self-concept and behaviors.

CBT is a goal oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a pro-active approach to problem solving. The goal of CBT is to change negative patterns of thinking that perpetuate the damaging concepts and beliefs that people feel about themselves.